uni-ball Power Tank RT

Introducing the Uni-ball Power Tank RT…. A high performance pen that can weather any conditions!

uni-ball Power Tank RT

The Power Tank RT has a pressurised ink supply that can keep on writing on wet surfaces, extreme cold and even upside down! Talk about cutting-edge! With a bold 1.0mm tungsten carbide ball, it delivers a smooth consistent black pigment ink at a 0.4mm width. Combine its supreme resourcefulness with the sleek design and rubberised grip and you have a comprehensive pen that will reach a broad demographic! Get the Power Tank in blue, white or black with a black grip and customize the pen with a multi-color imprint. The plunger color matches the ink. The rubberised grip is textured for maximum comfort and control. Its a no-brainer…when you buy a Uni-ball Power Tank RT you get smart design, high performance and guaranteed reliability!

A comfortable grip is a slight understatement when describing the pen’s cushioned barrel. Your fingers will thank you! Whether its a quick signature or a 10 page report the Uni-ball Power Tank RT delivers an unmatched ease of use and smoothness. Users of the pen have reported a decrease in finger cramps and strain. Another powerful benefit of the pen is its ability to beautify your documents…. the crisp, clean lines and smooth ball point take writing to a whole new level. This pen is so comfortable and good looking you might even put your blackberry down and start writing letters again!! Once you go Power Tank, you never go back!

This pen is the perfect compliment to your cutting edge image you have worked so hard to achieve. When clients receive this pen as a gift, it will solidify their loyalty, boost confidence and strengthen their trust in your company.

What are you waiting for?! Order the Uni-ball Power Tank RT today!!


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