uni-ball GelStick

Introducing the Uni-ball Gelstick pen…. A contemporary, functional pen that adds value to your business’ brand! Order this pen today with a customized imprint and business can only get better!

uni-ball GelStick

This pen is highly recommended by professionals for its indissolubility… That is, it can’t be removed! A great feature when signing important documents like checks, contracts, legal forms etc. Talk about a confidence booster! Any regular pen’s ink can be removed with common household chemicals….. a practice used more and more often for fraudulent purposes! Don’t fall victim to these criminals!! Its 0.7mm tungsten carbide ball dispenses a 0.4mm line width. It is a water resistant, pigment ink that is also refillable. The Uni-ball Gelstick comes in 5 different trim colors: black, white, blue, purple and red! The ink matches the trim color with the exception of white, which has black ink. Customise your Gelstick with a one-color imprint on the barrel or a multi-color imprint on the cap! For a great return on investment, Uni-ball Gelstick is your #1 choice!

uni-ball GelStickThe simple design and smooth writing capability makes this pen the go-to pen for daily use. That means your message is at more fingertips more often! How great is that! One customer said: “Its crime-fighting ink and bold array of colors make the Uni-ball Gelstick the superhero of pens…. my clients can’t get enough!” No other pen can deliver a message like the Gelstick….So many colors means greater advertising execution. This gel pen will add value, quality and commitment to your companies description…. Get the pen that delivers results…. get the Uni-ball Gelstick!

So what are you waiting for! This custom pen is a sure thing with its outstanding features and long list of benefits. Boost your clients confidence and solidify their loyalty with the Uni-ball Gelstick pen today!


Click here for your custom quotation on imprinted uni-ball pens!

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