uni-ball Deluxe

Introducing the Uni-ball Deluxe…. A timeless pen guaranteed to leave a lasting impression! Order today with a customized imprint and business can only get better!



This deluxe pen has a premium quality Mylar finish available in champagne or platinum grey. Either one acts as an elegant background for your company’s logo or message! The uni-ball Deluxe pen features a stainless steel point available in Micro or Fine. The Micro point, the smaller of the two, is a 0.5mm carbide tungsten ball that dispenses a 0.3mm line. The Fine point is a 0.7mm carbide tungsten ball that dispenses a 0.5mm line…. Only a matter of preference! Choose from blue or black pigment ink that is waterproof and non-refillable. This roller ball pen delivers clean, crisp lines and superior smoothness! Pair that up with its sleek design and polished look and this pen is all around appealing! The Uni-ball Deluxe pen is your best bet for promoting your business!

The high quality image this promotional pen portrays can only add prestige to your company’s description. Its durable components ensure the pen will last long, which means so does your custom imprint. Whats better than sustainable advertising! End users agree the smooth scribe and simple elegance make this pen a pleasure to write with. A direct quote from a luxury car dealer “A Uni-ball Deluxe pen always seals the deal with an uncertain buyer!”. There is no doubt, this is a remarkable advertising product!

So what are you waiting for! This custom pen is a sure thing with its outstanding features and long list of benefits. Boost your clients confidence and solidify their loyalty with the Uni-ball Deluxe pen today


Click here for your custom quotation on imprinted uni-ball pens!

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